Extend Partition Windows 10

Extend Partition Windows 10 – Free up Space with On-Board Tools or Freeware!

After continuous, often years of use, all kinds of data garbage accumulates on your hard disk. This is almost unavoidable, despite the greatest efforts to regularly clean up your PC. If you have already tried everything and still have almost no space left on your computer, you can extend the partition on Windows 10 to gain some more.

In the following, we will explain the individual steps in detail, so that you can extend your partition without any problems. Note, however, that you will need extended admin rights (in order to gain access to the on-board tools). So if there are other people using your PC, have a look at our article on the topic of an administrator account for Windows 10.

Finally free space on volume C again!
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First, a brief overview of the content to be covered before we delve into the individual questions in more detail.

How to Extend a Partition on Windows 10?

Let’s start with the acute emergency when the hard disk is suddenly full and Volume C is overflowing:

Remedy and Free up Disk Space Immediately

At the beginning of this article, we linked to a guide that will help you to take several steps to declutter the hard disk. This is the real solution to the problem, not just treatment for symptoms. You need to delete unnecessary files and documents, as well as remove apps and features. This is the only way to get back on top of the situation.

However, there are also cases where such measures are not possible. Maybe you really need all the stored data and Volume C simply does not have enough capacity. An upgrade is not possible because your second hard disk is not displayed. Instead of trying to extend the partition, Windows 10 should suggest alternatives on its own. If the storage space changes into the red area, a message to delete the previous Windows version usually appears.

This removes a backup, but gives you back several gigabytes of storage space. Similar to the deactivation of a restore point, a reset is no longer possible afterwards. Decide for yourself if it is worth the risk, and if you have other options. Therefore, check first if you can extend your partition on Windows 10 some more.

Extend the partition on Windows 10 to gain more hard disk space
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Rely on the On-Board Tools of Disk Management

Microsoft provides a wealth of free on-board tools for its operating systems to support the users extensively. With the help of the Disk Management of Windows, you can edit your hard disk and its partitions. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Start the Windows Disk Management. You can find it by right-clicking on the Start menu or by using the Windows logo key + X shortcut. You may have to activate your Windows key first.
  2. A list with all the drives of your computer opens. If you want to extend a partition on Windows 10, select the corresponding entry with the right mouse button.
  3. You can now extend your volume. If this option is grayed out, the required disk space is missing – you can see this in the disk management to the right of the partition.
  4. The Microsoft wizard starts. Press Next.
  5. Now you can specify the details. The disk you want to use should already appear on the right under Selected. Otherwise, adjust the available items to the desired result by clicking Add.
  6. The item Disk Space finally determines the size of the partition. Set the value here (in accordance with the maximum available disk space) in MB.
  7. Click Next to get to the final window. Here you should check everything again. Did you really extend the right partition? Then you just have to press Finish.
Enlarge a partition in Windows 10 Disk Management

If you only have the option to shrink the partition, you can try to delete the memory that follows next in the overview. This can also be done by right-clicking on the appropriate drive. But be careful: You should know what you are doing. Because such a deletion is final and can be accompanied by data loss. Therefore, create a comprehensive backup in advance.

Use Freeware and Helpful Third-Party Tools to Extend a Partition on Windows 10

As in almost all areas, there are also enough alternative programs for disk management, which considerably supplement the range of functions of the Microsoft solution. So you can not only increase or decrease the size of a partition, but also expand primary storage units and change their order.

Most tools are either available completely free of charge as freeware or alternatively have a basic free version. The features contained therein are usually completely sufficient. We can recommend the software EaseUS Partition Master, which convinces by its user-friendliness.

However, always pay attention to the sources of third-party programs that help you extend a partition on Windows 10. Your antivirus should always run and check questionable downloads in real time. If you still lack the right protection, feel free to read through our antivirus test. Then you will be prepared for everything.