how to copy a dvd in windows 10

How to Copy or Burn a DVD in Windows 10 – Step by Step Guide

Thanks to the extended functionality of the latest Microsoft operating system, you can now easily burn a DVD with Windows 10. You no longer need to rely on additional third-party software and just use existing on-board tools. How to copy a DVD in Windows 10? It’s already possible in just a few steps:

How to Burn or Copy a DVD with Windows 10?

  1. Provide Data Storage
  2. Start Windows Explorer and select Media
  3. Define Settings
  4. Perform the Burning Process and complete the Wizard

Whether the data you want to copy to a DVD with Windows 10 are pictures, movies, documents or audio files, it does not matter. Only for more extensive projects that require special features, the tried and tested burning programs of the Nero Suite are a good choice.

For private purposes, however, the Microsoft version already installed on your PC is perfectly sufficient. Therefore, simply follow the instructions below on how to burn or copy a DVD on Windows 10:

How to copy or burn a DVD in Windows 10 with external hardware
Source: bohed from Pixabay

Windows 10: Burn or Copy a DVD

1. Provide Data Storage

Grab a blank CD or DVD and insert it into the appropriate drive of your computer. For example, if you are working with a Windows 10 laptop that doesn’t have a reader for this kind of media, you can use an external DVD burner. This is usually connected via USB.

2. Start Windows Explorer and select Media

The actual process of burning a DVD and copying data under Windows 10 begins in Windows Explorer. You can open it by clicking on any folder icon. If your taskbar does not work, alternatively, you can use the Windows logo key + E for this.

In the overview, find the drive containing the CD or DVD you want to write to. Double-click to start the Microsoft Assistant. A short error message at this point can be bypassed by right-clicking and selecting AutoPlay.

Easily burn or copy DVD under Windows 10

3. Define Settings

The Burn to Disk dialog box shown in the screenshot opens. In the text field, you can choose a name for the DVD or CD, which should briefly describe its contents. After that, on Windows 10 Home, you choose one of the two options shown so that you can learn how to burn a DVD on Windows 10.

A USB memory stick is useful if you want to change or delete the copied data afterwards. This option is not available with many older CDs. With a CD/DVD player, on the other hand, subsequent editing is no longer possible. The data medium remains forever in the specified form.

Note for Windows 10 DVD burning: The first variant is recommended for all devices running Windows 7 or higher.

4. Perform the Burning Process and complete the Wizard

A folder appears in which you only have to insert the data. If you are trying to copy a DVD with Windows 10, you can do this by copying & pasting or quickly using drag & drop. You can tell if everything is working correctly by the fact that all files are marked as data to be written to the disc.

Now just click on Start Burning under the Manage tab. The burning speed should not be adjusted. When the DVD or CD is burned, confirm the result by clicking Finish. Now you can use your data.

How to burn an audio CD on Windows 10

Conclusion: Windows 10 DVD burning and CD copying

If you want to know how to copy a CD or DVD in Windows 10, proceed as described above. However, you have to do one more step: First, you need to transfer the data you want to copy to your PC. Also, always remember that copying from commercial media with copy protection (except in a private context) is prohibited. Especially audio data like your current favorite album is affected by this.

Tip: You can burn music to a DVD in Windows 10 by using the Windows Media Player program. This automatically starts its burning program when a blank disk is detected.

Meanwhile, you are sure how to copy or burn a DVD in Windows 10 and are trying to perform an update to Windows 10 instead that needs a ISO file? Then take a quick look at our installation guide!