Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Access Licenses (User CALs)



Why Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 access licenses (User CALs)?

To use Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 in your organization, you need a license for each operating system instance where Exchange is installed. To be able to access Exchange, you need an access license (Standard CAL). The Enterprise CAL is an add-on to the Standard CAL and extends the software with additional features. You can license the CALs according to users (User-CAL) or devices (Device-CAL). With this license type, one CAL is required for each user or device that accesses the server software.

Exchange Server 2019 Standard CALs are designed to increase user productivity on virtually any platform, browser, or mobile device, thanks to features in Exchange Server 2019 that help users be more productive no matter where they are, while helping to protect your organization’s data. To enable the standard CAL features for a user, the user must be licensed with the standard CAL.


The following features are available with Exchange Server 2019 Standard CAL:

  • Email, Calendar, and Tasks
  • Outlook on the Web (support for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge).
  • Apps for Outlook and Outlook on the Web
  • Website mailboxes
  • Functions for role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Journaling: Per database
  • Retention policies: standard and custom
  • Search across multiple mailboxes


This Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Standard User CAL package includes a User CAL that gives exactly one user access to the Exchange Server. The User CAL model is particularly suitable if a user is to gain access to the server via multiple devices, such as a desktop PC, a laptop and a tablet.

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