Kaspersky Total Security



Why Kaspersky Total Security?

With Kaspersky Total Security, the IT security experts at Kaspersky Labs have once again raised their premium product to a new level and equipped it with numerous small and large innovations. The all-round package not only protects against viruses, trojans, malware, and such, but also provides effective defense against phishing attacks and attacks on the privacy of its users.

The core of the security software is the real-time hybrid virus scanner, which makes use of the swarm intelligence of millions of computers via cloud networking by detecting unknown pests immediately and adding them to the database almost in real time. Users of Kaspersky Total Security are therefore already on the safe side shortly after the emergence of a new threat thanks to regular updates. The protection in the version is supported by improved vulnerability detection.


Protection and privacy for banking and shopping

As more and more financial transactions are conducted over the net, an optimally secured computer is an absolute necessity. Kaspersky Total Security scores in this respect with an anti-phishing function that alerts users to fake websites of banks and payment service providers, thus putting a stop to the misuse of account data, PINs, but also access data to other sites.

Safe Money technology provides additional security for payment transactions. The optional entry of passwords via virtual keyboard effectively puts a stop to keyloggers. Passwords can also be conveniently stored in the integrated password manager.

Thanks to the latest version of Total Security, children can also surf the net safely. Parents not only have the opportunity to block downloads and unsuitable content individually, but also to block the release of personal data such as addresses or phone numbers. Since the webcam, for example, can also be deactivated via the individual profile settings, surreptitious and unauthorized viewing of the living room or children’s room can also be prevented.


Maximum security for data and documents

With Kaspersky Total Security, important data is also safe. Thanks to the optimized cloud-based backup function, users can back up important documents and files online just as easily as videos or the photos from last summer’s vacation. But even the data that does not end up in the cloud benefits from the security software, especially since it can be stored in a virtual data vault.

On top of that, this data vault is secured via AES 256-bit encryption, which makes unauthorized access virtually impossible. And if sensitive data is no longer needed, it can be irrecoverably destroyed with a click of the mouse in the included data shredder. To prevent data from being lost unintentionally, the software also enables time-controlled backups.


Work undisturbed

If you want to work in full-screen mode in peace and quiet, you don’t need constant messages from the virus scanner. The developers at Kaspersky Labs have therefore adapted the current version of their premium product so that the work flow is only interrupted by overlays in the case of critical messages. In addition, the user interface has been revised and streamlined in many places, resulting in faster and more convenient navigation.


The right version for every requirement

If you want to enjoy the extra security on more than one computer or notebook, you can purchase 3 or 5 licenses at once at a reduced price. Users who decide to purchase a two-year license at the same time will save even more money. These versions are also available as single licenses and as licenses for 3 or 5 users. All in all, Kaspersky Total Security is the ideal product for all users who want to be 100 percent on the safe side.