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Nowadays, anyone who uses the internet should have an antivirus program that provides effective protection. Our large antivirus test shows what to look out for in detail. It does not matter whether the device in question is a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, attacks from outside must always be excluded. Because the alternative can destroy livelihoods if sensitive data falls into the wrong hands. This applies to Microsoft systems as well as Apple products and all other manufacturers. Especially with Windows 10, however, the user can benefit from the advanced features of many antivirus scanners. For example, after installing the trusted software, the annoying Windows Defender can finally be deactivated.

Prevent problems before they arise

The best antivirus software has to do a lot. The protection must be reliable at any time and any place, flexible and always up to date. This is the only way to fight against the multitude of malware. A free antivirus is therefore not a solution. Whether classic viruses, sophisticated worms and Trojans, malicious ransomware and spyware, keyloggers, exploits or adware – the arsenal continues to grow every day. In addition, there are harmless but annoying representatives like Segurazo Antivirus, which like to spread on the computer while browsing Windows 10. Every antivirus in our store has proven itself in practice and has already saved countless users from bad attacks. At the same time, this prevents the spread of malware.

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Although tools such as AdwCleaner from Malwarebytes are a good first port of call, you should not put your cyber security in the hands of free antivirus programs. At least not exclusively, because there is hardly anything to be said against it as a supplement. What you should look out for is an active scanner that always checks for questionable activities in the background and can intervene immediately in case of an emergency. Bitdefender Antivirus can be recommended here in particular. Like the app, the program works quickly and saves resources. If you purchase a full version via keyportal – be it virus protection from Avast, Avira, AVG, Norton or Kaspersky – many advantages are included. For example, you get all-around protection, backup options, and absolute freedom from all advertising, which is often an attack surface. Once installed, your antivirus will do the rest.