Microsoft Office 2019

Buy Office 2019 – The latest software from Microsoft!

Office 2019 is the alternative to Office 365 that comes without any subscription costs. Pay once and get the full version of Microsoft Office 2019 including all essential updates for download. When you buy via keyportal, this includes an original Office 2019 key from Microsoft, which has been proven to be legally acquired. As a customer you are always on the safe side. Every order comes with an activation guarantee. So if you want to buy Microsoft Office 2019 and decide to purchase Office 2019 Home & Student, for example, we promise you that the right product will be available for download immediately.

Download all Microsoft Office 2019 programs

Each edition of Office 2019 includes the programs Word 2019, Excel 2019, PowerPoint 2019, Outlook 2019 and Publisher 2019. The range continues to be expanded with the classic version of the OneNote organization software. In addition, Office 2019 Professional Plus offers an installation of Access 2019, which is suitable for processing both private and professional databases. Compared to Office 2016, the developers have also added some practical features. Excel expanded with the release of Office 2019 and can now produce text chains, link processes or understand if-functions, among other things. Even in Word, LaTeX formulas and complex organizational charts can be created and customized thanks to various templates. This accessibility is a decisive reason for wanting to buy Office 2019.

In the office, home office or for private projects

Only an official license of Microsoft Office 2019 allows a smooth download with subsequent installation and activation. No key from keyportal will result in the infamous Unlicensed Product error. On the contrary, by means of the simplest click-to-run, the launcher opens the entire package in one step, giving you all the programs of the Office suite on your computer immediately. Windows 10 is the prerequisite for this. The modern operating system and Office 2019 are perfectly coordinated, but they also act independently of each other, for example, when running the update services. These innovations benefit the user who wants to buy Microsoft Office 2019. A small investment in one’s own productivity pays off quickly.