Microsoft Office 2016 Mac

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Many Apple users have to do without the in-house iWork package for professional reasons and buy Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac. Instead of the word processor Pages, the user then writes with Word, the calculation software Excel replaces Numbers and for presentations there is no Keynote, but PowerPoint. But that’s not all: Office 2016 Standard Mac already offers a full version of the popular Outlook and the desktop app OneNote. Other editions, such as Office 2016 Home & Business Mac, complement this offer and are best suited for private use or in the home office. Especially for macOS 10.15 and 11.0, Microsoft has also developed Office 2016 Home & Business Mac Catalina & Big Sur to ensure the greatest synergy.


Complete Office Suite at an economy price

The integration of Office 2016 succeeds on the foreign hardware as effortlessly as on all Windows systems. Even on mobile devices such as the iPhone or iPad, all essential functions of the software are retained. MS Office 2016 Mac is one of the first versions to be optimized for touch operation. This focus, combined with the new Insight features, strengthens the collaboration possibilities in many ways. At the same time, a lot of these gadgets are proving to be huge time savers. For example, if you regularly work with Outlook 2016, you will be able to sort and archive your mails with gestures on the corresponding devices. The integrated calendar can be easily synchronized thanks to cloud storage and automatically adapted to the respective design. Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac takes a pioneering role here.


The original MS Office for your Mac!

As a customer, you have the freedom of choice. You determine the features of your Office 2016 Mac, specify the language and decide between 32- or 64-bit. You can be sure to get a working product – that’s what we promise you with our activation guarantee. When you buy from keyportal you will never have to complain about a missing license, but can start immediately after payment. You will receive an email with access to download Office 2016, and the familiar wizard will guide you through all the next steps. Convince yourself! You will find maximum transparency at the most attractive prices. Consumers are enthusiastic and leave top marks.