Operating Systems

Buy your operating system – The release of Windows 11 or Windows 10 on sale!

Without an operating system, computers as we know them today are unimaginable. As an absolutely essential component, the software is loaded immediately after the BIOS when booting up. All other programs – even basic ones like Microsoft’s Office Suite – need an interface as well as the right environment to function. Only when you’ve been able to buy and install your operating system, the rest will follow. Therefore, you should inform yourself comprehensively before buying.

Rightly so: Microsoft has always been the market leader

It’s better to trust proven brands when making this important decision. Of the three popular systems, Microsoft set itself far apart from the competition years ago with bestsellers like Windows 7 and Windows 8. According to recent studies, almost three quarters of all internet users trust in Windows operating systems. In fact, this number has been increasing recently. Our team shares this assessment. We can only agree if you’re looking to buy a Windows operating system.

Why should you buy a new operating system?

Clearly, if you’re assembling a computer yourself, this question doesn’t even arise. You simply have to buy an operating system, because without it, your components lack a contact. But an upgrade for existing setups is also very worthwhile. Especially now that Microsoft is trying to revolutionize the market again with Windows 11. You will still be able to enjoy the full support of the developers for many years and regularly receive comprehensive security updates. This is often no longer the case with older systems.

Windows 10 still popular

In our store you will only find official license keys that have been approved by Microsoft. For this reason, we can provide an activation guarantee for every key sold. If you have a problem with the transaction, we will help you immediately and replace the key if necessary. Our support has already led countless transactions to success. The still excellent Windows 10 is one of our specialties here. We have the most popular versions for everyone who wants to buy an operating system – at the best price, of course.

What do you have to pay attention to?

Once you have decided on a Windows operating system and its version, you can choose between different editions. Apart from special editions for companies, such as Windows 10 Enterprise or the editions designed especially for educational institutes, there are mainly two options to choose from. You can already buy Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Pro as operating systems for the newest edition. Our detailed blog article about the predecessor explains the exact difference.

Versatile and full of surprises

Don’t worry, physical installation media have long been a thing of the past. Windows operating systems come as a practical download directly to your home. Tools such as the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft support you in this. You always have the option of generating an ISO file yourself, if you can’t do without an installation DVD and still want to buy a Windows operating system. In the end, you will always find an alternative. Your new PC will run smoothly.

Have a look at our bundles, if you want to buy Microsoft Office together with your operating system. We highly recommend it!