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Windows 11 News from the Microsoft Live Event: The Next Generation

Lately, the Windows 11 news has been piling up after the latest event, so that Microsoft itself has now pre-empted the rumor mill in a live stream. So it’s official: Windows 11 will follow as a comprehensive upgrade from Windows 10. The most popular operating system in the world is getting a successor.

Microsoft presents the latest product

Catch Up Now: The Live Stream of the Windows 11 Event

On the Twitter account of Microsoft, you can find a recording from June 24 with all Windows 11 news and further information. We summarize the most important for you. Right away: As expected, the changes from the most recent leak have been confirmed. Apart from that, Microsoft had a few surprises up its sleeve.

When is Windows 11 Coming Out?

According to Microsoft, the new Windows 11 will be released in the fall of 2021. It is planned to roll out the operating system over several months, as a spokesperson confirmed. If you buy a modern PC with preinstalled Windows 11 in the last quarter of this year, you will for sure get the newest operating system. Alternatively, the company is again launching its Insider Program, which provides interested users with pre-release versions even before the Windows 11 beta.

The first pictures at our Windows 11 news

If you want to update your current computer, you’ll probably have to wait a bit longer. The good news, however, is that Windows 11 is available for free as an upgrade to anyone who has purchased an active license in advance, such as Windows 10 Pro. According to current Windows 11 news, you can expect this in the first half of 2022.

Windows 11 News: System Requirements Known!

Furthermore, everyone can now test whether their own PC even meets today’s requirements. Because with the release of Windows 11, Microsoft significantly restricts the processors that are supported out of the box. At least an Intel Core-i-8000 from 2017 or an AMD Ryzen 2000 CPU (2018) must be installed in your machine in order to not get any problems with the update.

The icon of the next generation of the operating system

Therefore, just take a look at your settings with the Windows logo key + I. Via System, you can reach the Info tab, which lists your device specifications. For all Intel users, the abbreviation i8 or higher should appear under Processor. Microsoft also lets you check the compatibility with the PC Health Check App yourself. Attention: this link leads you directly to the official download.

A Look into the Future

All Windows 11 news below are confirmed by Microsoft, but as usual titled as incomplete until the actual release.

Start menu and widgets in test

The optical adjustments of the operating system are especially noticeable: Alignment to the center, rounded corners and a glassy look characterize the design of Windows 11. We already reported about the adapted widgets, which, along with additional controls, will make up your desktop in the future. Gone are the days when you’d want to reactivate the classic start menu.

Regain control of the display with the Windows 11 release event

With the Windows 11 release, the developers clearly want to put individuality and flexibility in the foreground. No feature symbolizes this better than the snap layouts, which help you get the most out of your display area. At the touch of a button, your Windows land exactly where you want it to. Even on external monitors the positions you choose are saved.

Customize your Microsoft operating system

On this screenshot you can see the stylish themes including a revised dark mode that is supposed to be recognized system-wide. Such updates are not really Windows 11 news, but they are a confirmation of the new course. Microsoft is also changing the support structure, so that instead of adjustments during the year, there will be a single feature update per year in the future, which will no longer be so easily uninstalled.

Windows 11 News soon everywhere

All this (and much more) should be available in the updated Windows Store soon. Android apps should also be able to be downloaded there in addition to the familiar programs. However, the background for this is Amazon’s system and not the Google Play Store.

Conclusion: Functionality with a New Look

Our team is enthusiastic. We only mourn the loss of Skype, which, according to these Windows 11 news, will be replaced by a direct integration of Microsoft Teams. Nevertheless, especially in the gaming area, the change is very worthwhile. Faster loading times, DirectX 12 Ultimate and all your peripherals, that’s what the Windows 11 event promises.

So we can only recommend to quickly get your hands on Windows 10 Home at the lowest price now and then upgrade for free in less than a year. Companies in particular will benefit from the expansion of the security tools. Better collaboration is also guaranteed by the optimized touch, pen and voice controls. We are looking forward to testing the new Windows 11 features.