Microsoft OneNote

Product information for Microsoft OneNote 2021

Gone are the days when notes were written by hand on slips of paper. With Microsoft OneNote it is now very easy to manage your notes and tasks. This is a new version of a program that is rich in tradition. Microsoft OneNote has been around since November 2003 for desktop computers and has now been programmed for many other systems as well.

With Microsoft OneNote 2021 it is very easy to stay organized at all times. For this purpose, the layout is designed in the manner of a notebook, which can be further subdivided into sections and pages. No more information is lost in the process, as OneNote saves automatically.

It has never been more worthwhile to buy Microsoft OneNote

With us you can easily buy Microsoft OneNote online through Office Programs. After the purchase, a download is available. Moreover, no expertise is needed for the installation itself. You are simply guided through the installation program. Which language the program should have can be selected directly during the purchase. You can choose from English, German, French, Italian and many more.

In Microsoft OneNote 2021, it is quite easy to organize one’s notes. The layout is therefore in the form of a notebook. Thanks to the app, it is extremely simple to structure your tasks and notes. Microsoft OneNote 2021 therefore offers the following:

  • Simple structuring of notes into sections and pages
  • Simple labeling of notes
  • Easy writing and sketching
  • Combination of different media like audios, videos and files
  • Sharing notes with colleagues, friends or family

Sharing notes can be extremely useful. For example, it can be used to quickly send important details of a project to a colleague. Also a wish list of the family can be designed and structured in a very simple way.

Buy OneNote 2021 online and organize all your notes

The Microsoft OneNote app is now available free of charge. However, it is worth taking a look at the premium version, as it does offer some options. If you want the premium app, you need Microsoft Office 2021, which is already available as a Mac version.

For this price, you also get a terabyte of memory. Furthermore, all notes are synchronized with the Microsoft account. Furthermore, you get a significant plus in comfort via the Premium version, since OneNote 2021 is compatible with other Office products from Microsoft. Thanks to the synchronization, it is also very easy to add to one’s notes. The additions are then transferred to all devices simultaneously.

Thus, one can work anytime and anywhere without having to start a laptop first. Jobs can be completed quickly and easily, which significantly increases productivity.

System requirements

Microsoft OneNote 2021 is available in many different variants. For a desktop computer with Windows 10 or 11, the OneNote app is already pre-installed. In addition, the app is also available as a free download from the Microsoft Store. In addition to this standalone app, OneNote has been integrated into Microsoft Office 2021 since March 2020.

If the app is not accessible, OneNote 2021 can also be accessed via the browser. A current web browser is completely sufficient for this. OneNote 2021 is also available as an app for iPhone and Android. In order to use the app on mobile devices, Android version 5.0 or higher or iOS version 12.0 or higher is required.

How do our prices come about?

Microsoft OneNote 2021 is available in combination with Office 2021. The package is worthwhile for people who plan to use other Office programs as well. The Office programs offer a significant plus in terms of convenience, and there is also good compatibility between them.