how to remove segurazo and uninstall

How to Remove Segurazo and Safely Uninstall the Unwanted Program

Should you uninstall Segurazo? Well, you should always be cautious about software that has been downloaded and installed without your knowledge. Segurazo Antivirus, which likes to sneak onto Windows 10 systems, is one such program that not only decreases your computer’s performance, but can potentially become a danger itself. That is why we will help you if you want to know how to remove Segurazo.

Malware detected! Safely Remove SAntivirus and Segurazo
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How to Remove Segurazo?

  1. For Self-Protection do a Data Backup
  2. Scan with an Anti-Malware Program
  3. Windows 10 Search for Segurazo Antivirus
  4. Settings: Open Apps & Features
  5. Select and Uninstall Segurazo
  6. Perform Complete Removal
  7. Restart Computer and finish Uninstallation

The exact procedure of how to remove Segurazo will be explained in detail in the following step-by-step guide, which is a counterpart to our installation guides that will significantly increase the security of your working environment.

What is it? How to Uninstall Segurazo!

Segurazo Antivirus is a malware that has no actual benefits and even tries to convince you to buy a license with false messages. In addition to that, there are uninstallation difficulties as well as permanent advertisements that many users fall victim to. For this reason, experts strongly advise you to learn how to remove Segurazo.

Segurazo Antivirus interface looks deceptively real

Therefore, you should be careful when visiting shady websites and installing free software. Segurazo Antivirus usually downloads itself through a backdoor. Unlike ordinary malware that operates hidden in the background, Segurazo intrudes into all the processes of your operating system. Comparable to the Windows 10 activation message, the program constantly asks you to pay for advanced services in order to avert potential threats.

Do not provide any personal information and ignore the “recommendations” that are supposed to help you optimize your system! These are simply made-up findings that a genuine antivirus does not display. At best, you have not opened SAntivirus even once. We will now show you in detail how to uninstall and remove Segurazo and clean up your computer.

How to Remove Segurazo: Step by Step to Complete Uninstallation

1. For Self-Protection do a Data Backup

This precautionary measure proves to be especially useful if you can assume that Segurazo Antivirus was already active on the affected computer for a longer period of time and was able to spread. So connect your external hard drive or transfer all important files to a cloud system of your choice. This way, you can safely remove Segurazo and fall back on this backup in the worst case scenario.

Malwarebytes Premium know how to remove Segurazo

2. Scan with an Anti-Malware Program

Before you proceed to the further steps of manual uninstallation, it is recommended to use an anti-malware program. Malwarebytes Premium or even Kaspersky Total Security, for example, are specially designed to detect a malware like Segurazo Antivirus. The comprehensive scan automatically checks all entries and immediately moves possible sources of danger to quarantine. From there, you will see how to uninstall Segurazo afterwards.

Open the Windows 10 search function by right-clicking on the Start menu Search. Even with older versions like Windows 7 Home Premium you should be able to find the command in a similar way. In the text box, type either Segurazo, Antivirus or SAntivirus. This way you can check if the software is installed at all.

4. Settings: Open Apps & Features

If your search returned a hit, you can remove Segurazo by performing a manual uninstall. To do this, open the Windows 10 settings by right-clicking on the Start menu or using the Windows logo key + I. You can access the list of all installed programs via Apps & Features.

5. Select and Uninstall Segurazo

Find all entries that contain the word Segurazo (for example, Segurazo Realtime Protection Lite) and start the uninstallation.

Tip: Depending on the extent of your personal virus protection, make sure that you do not accidentally disable Windows Defender. Although the protection cannot compete with commercial antivirus software, the application at least promises an initial buffer.

Follow the steps carefully on how to uninstall Segurazo

6. Perform Complete Removal

Setup Wizard should now guide you through all further steps. You can safely ignore any warnings about an active subscription. However, you should make sure that you check the last box of Segurazo Antivirus, which concerns the deletion of configuration files. This is the only way how to remove Segurazo completely.

7. Restart your Computer and Complete the Uninstallation Process

Finally, you just need to restart your computer once to finish how to uninstall Segurazo on Windows 10. For the final check, you can run the search described in step 3 again.

In the future, it is better to trust a reputable antivirus program directly. Kaspersky Antivirus or Avast Ultimate are available in our store, along with numerous alternatives. Then you should be able to know how to remove Segurazo without any problems in the future.