Windows 11 Update as an Upgrade from Windows 10

Your Windows 11 Update – How to Upgrade from Windows 10!

The demand for a Windows 11 update exceeds all expectations, as Microsoft recently announced in a status report. In direct comparison with the similar trial period of Windows 10, the rush for a Windows 11 upgrade is almost twice as high. We all want to learn how to upgrade now!

Therefore, the developers now initiated the full release of the new operating system without further delays. As an existing customer and user with an active license, you can update Windows 10 to 11 with immediate effect. However, certain requirements have to be met. We will show you how to upgrade to Windows 11!

Having trouble upgrading and your Windows 11 update isn’t showing up? Save yourself the hassle of diagnosing the problem and reinstalling. Within a few minutes, you can receive your personal Windows 11 key as a download. With us at an unbeatable introductory price!

Your new look after the Windows 11 update download

The Minimum Requirements for Installation

If you want to learn how to upgrade to Windows 11, this is only possible from certain Windows 10 versions. Mandatory requirement is Windows 10 2004 or newer, otherwise the Windows 11 update can cause widespread errors.

Unless, of course, you purchase your own license key – for example via our store. Thanks to our comprehensive activation guarantee, the system will always run regardless of what was previously installed on your computer. Even skipping several generations is not uncommon.

In case of doubt, only your hardware can put a spoke in your wheel:

Necessary Specifications for the Windows 11 Update

  • Processor: 1 GHz with two or more cores
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM recommended
  • Hard disk: at least 64 GB available storage space
  • Screen: at least 8 inches in diagonal, including a supported resolution of 720p
  • Graphics card: compatible with DirectX 12 (WDDM 2.0 driver)
  • Miscellaneous: internet connection for the Windows 11 update download as well as TPM version 2.0 or higher and a Microsoft account for activation

Microsoft is therefore keeping up with recent developments and has adjusted the minimum requirements. Your Windows 11 update is not displayed? Then your PC probably doesn’t meet one of the previously listed specifications. Many a user already had to learn this lesson when switching from Office 2019 to 2021.

However, you can find out for yourself whether an update of your operating system is mandatory for the Windows 11 upgrade with the help of a simple command. Use the Start menu or the shortcut Windows logo key + R to open the run dialog of Windows. Here you type winver and confirm with Enter. A window with information about your current version number appears. As mentioned above, only Windows 10 versions from 2004 onwards are allowed.

How to check your Windows 10 version

In any case, a change to the settings is now on the agenda:

Short & Sweet: Update Windows 10 to 11

All over the world, over two thirds of all PC owners rely on Windows 10, and the vast majority of them also update their operating system regularly, making the Windows 11 update a breeze. This is because the process has long since been integrated by Microsoft. How to upgrade to Windows 11, you ask?

  1. On the selected computer, the minimum requirements explained in advance must be met.
  2. In Windows 10, the upgrade then starts in the settings, which you can reach via the gear icon or by using the Windows logo key + I .
  3. There, select the button for Update & Security. You should automatically find yourself in the Windows Update tab.
  4. Click Check for Updates one last time. If you have a valid license and have activated Windows properly, you will see a notice about your Windows 11 Update download.
  5. Download and install will officially upgrade you to Windows 11.
Update Windows 10 to 11 without problems

How long does it take to update to Windows 11? The answer to this question depends on the performance of your device. As a rule, you can expect a period of one hour before you can start setting up your new operating system.

Is your PC still running an older version? To avoid security risks, you should at least buy Windows 10 Home and upgrade to Windows 11. Or even better, buy Windows 11 Pro directly!

Our overview shows you exactly what the differences are between the two editions:

Comparison of Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Pro

Depending on your future plans, it can be a great idea to purchase Windows 11 Home – it may be considerably more worthwhile than continuing to work with Windows 10 Pro. After all, official support from Microsoft for the old system will end in the fall of 2025 at the latest. So the sooner the switch and the Windows 11 update succeeds, the better.

Your Windows 11 Update is not Displayed? Start PC Integrity Check!

You are still new to the world of technology and so far the Windows 11 upgrade was too complicated for you? No problem. Microsoft has recently added another tool, the PC Integrity Check, which does most of the work for you automatically. Behind it is a check of the compatibility of all components plus the subsequent Windows 11 update download without additional effort.

Simply search for the term “PC Integrity Check” on the Microsoft website or use the direct link in your operating system. To do this, open your Start menu or use the search function directly via Windows logo key + S and enter the name there. An application appears. Under the point Introduction of Windows 11 you click on Check now to start the process.

How to upgrade Windows 10 if it’s not correctly displayed?

After that, the app should show you a detailed message if your PC meets the requirements for a Windows 11 upgrade. The next step would be the update or the elimination of possible causes, why problems occur with your Windows 11 update. We can only advise you to take the easy way out and obtain an official license key from us. This way you are well-prepared for the future and know how to upgrade Windows 10.

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