Microsoft 365 Single – 1 Year

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The Microsoft 365 Single 1 year includes:

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access

Suitable for:

Windows macos

Note: Access and Publisher can only be installed on a Windows PC.


The license is for 1 user and can be installed on up to 5 devices.

Microsoft 365 Single is a complete office package for single users who need the different programs of Microsoft 365 Single either for private or professional use. In terms of functionality, Microsoft 365 Single is identical to more expensive editions. The main difference is that you only purchase one license for one workstation.


Programs included in Microsoft 365 Single:

  • Word in Microsoft 365 Single is suitable for working with documents.
  • Excel is a comprehensive tool for creating and managing tables.
  • PowerPoint as part of Microsoft 365 Single makes it easier for you to create even complex presentations.
  • OneNote is a virtual notebook that you can also use with a pen on tablets.
  • Outlook helps you manage your contacts and various email accounts.
  • Access is the ideal solution to create, extend or manage databases. (for Windows PC only)
  • Publisher helps you create complex designs for brochures and similar documents. (for Windows PC only)

Microsoft 365 Single is also suitable for very high demands due to the high number of individual programs to get work done faster and more efficiently, making your everyday life more productive. If you are switching from a previous version starting from Office 2007, you will immediately find your way around Microsoft 365 Single due to the similar interface.


Important features in Microsoft 365 Single

  • A new wizard helps you find your way around Microsoft 365 Single right away.
  • Use OneDrive to share documents created with Microsoft 365 Single efficiently and easily.
  • Get the latest versions of all programs by subscribing to Microsoft 365 Single.
  • Use Microsoft 365 Single on a tablet or smartphone through optionally configurable touch compatibility.
  • Use Microsoft 365 Single for a set period of time and don’t pay too much.


Use Microsoft 365 Single where and when you want

To use Microsoft 365 Single, simply log in to the Office website and then download it. There is no need for a physical disk and you can use Microsoft 365 Single anywhere you have an Internet connection to install Microsoft 365 Single. Since many program parts are streamed during the installation of Microsoft 365 Single, you can already use them even if the complete package is not yet installed.

Furthermore, Microsoft 365 Single no longer ties you to a specific device: You can use Microsoft 365 Single on Windows computers or devices running MacOS X. In addition, these programs can also be used on tablets with Windows, iOS or Android. At the same time, purchasing Microsoft 365 Single entitles you to all future Office updates. So with Microsoft 365 Single, you’ll always have the latest and fastest versions of the Office suite.


OneDrive and Microsoft 365 Single: work online!

With Microsoft 365 Single, you choose a subscription: buy and use Microsoft 365 Single from us for 1 year. The license is valid for one user and can be used on up to 5 devices. Furthermore, Microsoft 365 Single gives you access to 1 terabyte of free storage space in Microsoft’s cloud storage OneDrive. You can easily archive documents created with Microsoft 365 Single online and/or share them with friends, acquaintances and colleagues. In addition, the Microsoft 365 Single subscription entitles you to 60 Skype minutes per month to landlines.

Enter your key on the Microsoft website to activate your product.

If you value the tried and tested Office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint and an unlimited term (without subscription) is important to you, you can find our Office 2019 Standard packages here.

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