Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus

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Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus software includes:

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access

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  • Original Microsoft activation key
  • Permanent and immediately usable full version
  • With download and detailed instructions


Why Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus

Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus is aimed primarily at businesses and will meet even the most demanding requirements. With the programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access and Skype for Business, Office 2016 Professional Plus meets all the requirements that are placed on a comprehensive office software. Whether you’re creating form letters, managing business figures and spreadsheets, designing presentations, creating databases or organizing your e-mails – you’ll complete your professional and private projects in no time with the Office applications.


New features in Office 2016 Professional Plus:

  • With Insights, you can search the Internet for relevant information directly from your documents and include it in your texts or presentations. A link with Bing ensures fast search results.
  • The Tell Me search assistant helps you find functions within the individual programs more quickly.
  • Excel includes an autofill function that recognizes patterns and automatically completes your data. In addition, you can create forecasts from data series and display future trends with one click.
  • Publisher’s built-in online photo printing options save time and produce professional results.
  • PowerPoint offers the ability to share presentations over the web. You don’t have to have PowerPoint installed yourself to view them.
  • The screen backgrounds in the Black Theme allow you to work in a way that is easy on the eyes thanks to the darker colors.
  • Work easily in a team through real-time networking via OneDrive. Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus provides you with 5 gigabytes of cloud storage.


Fast navigation through user-friendly interface

The intuitive user interface of Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus allows you to quickly navigate within the programs. Thanks to the intuitive layout, you can now find the functions you need even faster on the redesigned ribbon. If you get stuck, the “Tell Me” search wizard will help you find the function you need and use it efficiently. You’ll quickly find your way around the individual programs and be able to use them optimally for your work.

New communication options in Office 2016 Professional Plus

Through the integration of Skype for Business, you, your employees and colleagues will always stay in touch. Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus opens up a whole new world of instant messaging, video conferencing, and IP telephony. Share information, clarify questions about projects, and discover entirely new types of meetings. Using the OneDrive cloud service also simplifies data sharing. Work together for the success of your company and always stay flexible. Your workplace is wherever you are.

Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus and Windows 10

The design and user interface of Office 2016 Professional Plus are based on Windows 10. The two programs are perfectly coordinated, so that the Office applications and the operating system appear to be from the same mold. The optimization for touch devices allows you to work flexibly. Use your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone to create your documents. It’s completely up to you whether you use the tried-and-tested keyboard and mouse or your finger or stylus. Be creative anywhere with Office 2016 Professional Plus and increase your company’s productivity.


Need help with the installation?

Click here to go directly to the installation guide for Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus!

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