Microsoft Publisher 2021

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For small businesses as well as individuals, Publisher 2021 is one of the most important office apps, because even beginners can print flyers, posters, labels and the like without much difficulty. At the same time, the look is hardly distinguishable from professional print media. Of course, Microsoft has launched the latest generation of Office products with Office 2021, but MS Publisher is also available separately. If you’re wondering whether it’s worth buying and whether it’s a good idea, we’ll show you the latest changes in Microsoft Publisher 2021.


The most important product information about Microsoft Publisher 2021

Whether you should buy Publisher 2021 depends on the changes that Microsoft has introduced. First and foremost, the design has been revised, which is now even more modern and intuitive. Even beginners will quickly find their way around the clear design with monoline graphics and soft window corners. In addition, new tabs have been added to the ribbon to make it easier to use. An interesting feature is the input field in the “Colors” dialog box. Hexadecimal color values are now available there, so you no longer have to convert hexadecimal color values to RGB values. In general, performance has been improved so that you can create your desired print products even faster. It’s no surprise, then, that Publisher 2021 is growing in popularity. It creates professional prints without the help of a professional. Even if you have no experience in creating graphics, thanks to the program you’ll be able to design postcards, brochures, greeting cards, newsletters and more in just a few moments.


Buy Publisher 2021 online and let your creativity run wild

Using Publisher Office 2021 is a breeze, since you’ll have various design tools at your disposal once you purchase it. First and foremost, you have various templates, which are called templates. You can customize this template to your liking. It’s not just about the color, but every little centimeter can be adapted to your wishes. The design checker is practical. It shows you immediately if there are any problems or errors in your design. You can fix them with a single mouse click. Equally exciting is the integrated content library, where frequently used texts and photos are stored.


The system requirements for Microsoft Publisher

The system requirements are comparable to the classic Office 2021 and are therefore designed so that every user of a PC or laptop can access the functions. Windows users need a CPU of 1.1 GHz dual-core, whereas Mac uses Intel or Apple Silicon. The GPU is DirectX 9, WDDM 2.0 or higher and is identical in both areas. Otherwise, you need 4 gigabytes of memory and RAM each for Windows. For Mac, the value increases to 10 gigabytes. There are only small differences in the display with 1,280 x 768 for Windows and 1,280 x 800 for Mac. Otherwise, you need either Windows 10 or 11 or one of the three current OS versions. Of course, the mentioned data is only the minimum requirement. If your PC or laptop is better, Microsoft Office and Publisher will run without problems.


How do our prices come about?

Whether you choose Office Premium or just the Publisher app is up to you. But you will immediately notice that you can save money with us. The reason is that we do not charge for storage, logistics or shipping. If you buy Publisher 2021 from us, the purchase will be completed automatically. You will receive an e-mail with the key to your license. Thanks to this key, you can start the download and then perform the installation. After that Publisher is available to you. This is exactly why buying Microsoft Publisher is so cheap, because the price is not determined by the box version, but by us. So opt for the low price and take advantage of all the possibilities Publisher 2021 has to offer!