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Einfach & simpel

Download und Installation direkt nach dem Kauf mittels ESD (Elektronischer Software Download).


Sicher & legal

Preiswerte Lizenzen, legal und sicher gedeckt durch Schweizer Rechtssprechung Grundsatzurteil des EuGH.


Ohne Risiko

Garantiert kein Risiko – unsere Lizenzen kommen stets mit einer Aktivierungsgarantie.

Unsere attraktiven Angebote für Firmenkunden

In drei simplen Schritten zu deiner Software!



Direkt downloaden

Direkt downloaden



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Will I get help installing my software?

Of course! For each and every one of our software products we have written a suitable setup guide that guarantees a smooth installation even without expert knowledge. In addition, many products have an setup video, which guides you step by step through the installation. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you in our live chat or by mail.

Why are you much cheaper than your competitors?

With the distribution of digital software products, we can dispense with storage, logistics and shipping costs. Our fully automated online store gives us further cost advantages. In addition, we buy the licenses in large quantities, which reduces the purchase price. These are advantages that we are happy to pass on to our customers.

When will my product be delivered?

You will receive your product by email immediately after placing your order. It usually takes 1-2 minutes until the order confirmation email arrives. In it you will find your product for download and your product key to activate your product.
For purchase on account, this process can take 15-30 minutes, because the order is first manually checked by us.

What are my payment options?

Currently we offer the following payment options: Purchase on account, credit card, PayPal and TWINT, PostFinance E-Finance & PostFinance Card.
However, we are working on offering more payment options in the future.

Are these permanent licenses or a subscription model?

Most of our products are permanent licenses. That means you pay the purchase price once, and after that the software is usable for an unlimited time and there are no further costs.
Some products (Microsoft 365 or antivirus software for example) are time limited (1 year, 2 years, etc.). This is clearly shown on the product page.

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