Protect your digital life with Surfshark!

Secure access to content

Enjoy all the benefits of the internet with peace of mind. Get instant, protected access to all the content you love.

No digital footprint

With Surfshark, your location is always private and your sensitive data is always protected.


Without a VPN, you are at the mercy of Internet threats.

  • Hacking: Data thieves attack unprotected computers and those devices that don’t use encryption are easy prey.
  • Malware & Phishing: Such attacks are common and very difficult to prevent without protection.
  • Identity Theft: Without security software, your credentials may be vulnerable to theft.
  • Advertising manipulation: Advertisers can more easily influence your behavior if they know your browsing habits.
  • ISP tracking: Without a VPN, your ISP can collect your data and sell it to advertisers.
  • Price discrimination: Online retailers may show you higher prices if they recognize that you are in a high-paying city.


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