AVG Ultimate



Why AVG Ultimate?

AVG’s Ultimate 2018 offers one year of unlimited computer and mobile device downloadable protection and optimization software apps, compatible with Windows, Mac and Android! AVG Ultimate protects all your systems from ransomware and malware attacks, and helps to block spam and phishing emails. It automatically updates important and popular apps and scans for unwanted browser add-ons, so your system stays protected. Other notable features include webcam protection and data encryption, as well as advanced firewall and secure DNS to protect your home network.

Apart from protection, AVG Ultimate 2018 offers features designed to improve your computing experience. You get tools that perform routine maintenance and guide you through improving startup times. You can set up Ultimate 2018 to automatically perform maintenance tasks that remove unneeded and duplicate files and defragment a hard disk. To improve system performance, system processes are prioritized and inactive apps are put to sleep. In addition, the economy mode can help extend the battery life of a notebook.


The many features of Ultimate 2018:

  • Protection for all your devices: Advanced protection for an unlimited number of computers, tablets and smartphones
  • Improved performance: Performance-optimizing apps for Windows, Mac or Android devices
  • New privacy protection: Webcam protection prevents unauthorized users from using your webcam to spy on you, while ransomware protection shields personal photos and files
  • Updater: TuneUp now includes a software updater, which lets you keep all the important and popular apps up to date
  • Real-time outbreak detection: Samples of previously unknown malware are uploaded to ThreatLabs, which then creates and publishes a solution to all users
  • Web and email protection: Block unsafe links, downloads and email attachments
  • Data secure: Encrypt and hide private photos and files to prevent unauthorized users from seeing them
  • All-in-one scan: Prevents unwanted browser add-ons and PC performance problems
  • Real-time security updates: Security updates and new features are automatically pushed to you
  • Firewall: Prevents hackers from entering your system
  • Secure DNS: Avoid fake websites for safer payments
  • Anti-Spam: Blocks spam, scam and phishing emails
  • Android systems: Includes AVG AntiVirus PRO for Android and AVG Cleaner PRO for Android, which accelerates and cleans the operating system
  • Automatic maintenance: Performs routine maintenance tasks
  • Defragment: Speeds up hard disk access times
  • Automatic cleaning updates: Automatic updates for optimal cleaning
  • Startup Manager: Improves computer startup times
  • Economy Mode: Maximizes the battery life of the device
  • Improved Disk Cleaner: Removes junk data to free up disk space
  • Live Optimization: Prioritizes system processes for optimal performance
  • Improved Program Deactivator: Hibernates inactive apps to free up CPU processing power
  • Duplicate Finder: Removes duplicate files
  • Mac systems: AVG Cleaner for Mac removes clutter from a Mac system
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