Bitdefender Total Security



Why Bitdefender Total Security?

Bitdefender Total Security is a multi-device solution that not only provides protection for Windows and Mac PCs, but also for tablets, notebooks and smartphones. The security software’s numerous features include adware and malware detection, a tracking function in case of theft or loss, and a firewall against attacks from the internet. Practical Bitdefender tools such as password manager, file shredder and vulnerability scan are also available to the user. With just one purchase, one can secure several private or company devices – with regard to spyware, rootkits, phishing, trojans, viruses, ransomware and more. If required, the Bitdefender parental control solution can also be used. This convinces, for example, with GPS tracking and screen time limitation, to help the user keep track of the large number of functions that can be activated. The “Bitdefender Autopilot” can also make various decisions on request.


Safe for all online activities

Bitdefender Total Security proactively monitors all internet connections. This means that the software takes action even before a virus is suspected. It thus detects even viruses that are still unknown. Potentially malicious code is reported and avoided if necessary. This is also how the software deals with phishing attempts, so that the user’s confidential data cannot be stolen. Among other things, a cloud spam protection for e-mail traffic, protection functions via shareable folders and for instant messaging traffic are integrated. To easily back up important data to external media, a backup function is included in the security suite. Helpful features of Bitdefender Total Security also include data cleanup, which removes duplicates and unnecessary registry entries, and encryption of confidential data.


Features for online shopping and mobile devices

To ensure that the abundance of functions does not overload any system, there is the “Bitdefender Autopilot”. It controls the security software to match the PC’s performance. This eliminates many pop-ups and prompts for the user. Those who frequently pay online benefit from the included virtual browser and the Safepay function. Possible attacks on financial data are intercepted and thus cannot spread to the rest of the system. Practical: passwords and bank details can be stored in the secure “wallet”. An interesting feature for tablets and smartphones is the anti-theft function for locating lost or stolen devices. Users of USB storage media can also use “immunization” to protect them from viruses and thus reduce the transmission paths of malware.


Always up-to-date antivirus software on all devices

The individual components of the security software can be controlled via a browser. However, it is more convenient to control all installations that belong to a Bitdefender Total Security license via the Bitdefender Central app. This can be installed on iOS or Android. From the app, virus scans can be started on all devices and security updates can be obtained from Bitdefender at any time. Furthermore, the user has the fastest contact to the Bitdefender support team there. Like all Bitdefender products, Total Security also receives constant updates via the internet. The updates happen automatically. The user always receives the latest safeguards against possible cyber threats without any further intervention.


One license key for multiple devices

A multi-device solution such as Bitdefender Total Security may be suitable for families, or small businesses. Solo self-employed people and individuals, who own multiple computers, may also find it worthwhile. The combined security software is downloaded on each device in the variant that matches the operating system, using the same license key. Prospective customers should consider before buying whether they want to use the software for one, two or three years. There is also a license variant that is even valid for up to ten devices. In summary, Bitdefender Total Security is the right choice for anyone who wants to use and secure multiple computers, both mobile and stationary.

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