McAfee Total Protection



Why McAfee Total Protection?

McAfee Total Protection protects your computer against malware, fraudulent e-mails, social networks and vulnerabilities in the operating system. The program speeds up your Windows PC with a QuickClean function if you wish, while conserving resources so that it is also suitable for older computers. McAfee Total Protection is a comprehensive all-round protection that not only fights viruses, but can neutralize all the threats of the modern internet. With this version, you can protect exactly one Windows PC from virus attacks for a year.


Key features in McAfee Total Protection:

  • McAfee Total Protection protects you against viruses, trojans and other malware. Automatic updates ensure protection that’s effective around the clock.
  • Trust your email inbox: The program monitors the inbox and does not allow spam or phishing messages. Online shopping is made much safer.
  • The Site Advisor in McAfee Total Protection tells you which links, content and messages are safe and which websites are hiding malware.
  • Use Parental Controls to protect minors from inappropriate content and effectively deny them access.
  • Also works on slow devices: McAfee Total Protection speeds up your PC by automatically deleting unneeded data and permanently destroys documents with Shredder on demand.
  • Encrypt important data records with passwords that cannot be cracked under normal circumstances. Ideally suited for personal documents or important business records.


Automatic virus protection with McAfee Total Protection

This antivirus program keeps itself up to date with several automatic updates per day. Choose to let the application operate unobtrusively in the background, or actively cooperate and let McAfee Total Protection scan specific folders, directories or data to be examined. As needed, you can either let the program make sufficient configuration on its own, or you can customize it to meet the specific needs of your computer. The easy-to-understand interface, which is also understandable for less technically interested users, supports you in this.

Furthermore, you can use McAfee Total Protection to fight against contemporary malware: For example, the antivirus warns you about suspicious links and content on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, your communications with friends and acquaintances are monitored and encrypted so that third parties cannot read them. Do you manage personal data on your computer? To prevent outside access, McAfee Total Protection encrypts these documents with passwords so strong that it is impossible to bypass this protection, even with considerable effort.


Secure communications with McAfee Total Protection

This award-winning tool monitors your email inbox and sorts out spam messages, for example phishing content, and other scams effectively. Online shopping, on the other hand, is made easier with Site Advisor, a tool that shows you which websites are safe and which are not. Furthermore, with the purchase of McAfee Total Protection you’ll get parental controls: decide for yourself which content is suitable for your children and which websites they shouldn’t have access to. You can use this application in just a few steps, and it is also impossible to bypass it with just a few clicks.

Your computer generally works too slowly for you? Then use the QuickClean function integrated in McAfee Total Protection: through this, the antivirus program scans your PC for data that is superfluous and deletes it long-term and irrevocably. If you wish, you can permanently destroy data, so that you can resell hard disks without having to fear for your data. McAfee Total Protection, with all the functions mentioned, is not just a simple virus scanner, but a comprehensive, multifunctional program for more security and convenience on the PC.

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