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Why Microsoft Access 2016

Microsoft Access 2016 is a comprehensive database program that allows you to capture, manage and then publish data either offline or online. You can use Access 2016 to create small databases for your personal use, as well as for large-scale projects in a company. By connecting Microsoft Access 2016 with products like Office 365 and/or SharePoint, you can share your finished databases with other users and collaborators – quickly, easily, and anywhere.


Efficient database management with Microsoft Access 2016

Through Microsoft Access 2016, which is part of the Office package, you create databases, forms or even extensive reports. To do this, you choose the template that’s right for you (such as contact databases, task management, issue tracking or project management) from a large number of templates that come with Microsoft Access 2016. Alternatively, you can create an empty database in Microsoft Access 2016, completely generated according to your own requirements, which you can freely customize.

For example, never lose track of extensive customer contact data by giving your business partners photos, phone numbers, email addresses and other data in Access 2016. You can manage all data relevant to your everyday life intuitively, quickly and clearly in Microsoft Access 2016. Create tables similar to Excel that contain all the data that is important to you and insert information from photos or PDF files into the database program with just a few mouse clicks.


Important functions in Microsoft Access 2016:

  • Manage databases of any kind: from projects to task lists and contact databases to asset tracking or inventory tracking.
  • Use a familiar interface established from other Office products when working with Microsoft Access 2016.
  • Share your databases and collaborate with colleagues on documents via Office 365 or SharePoint connectivity for the entire database program.
  • Generate relevant database types in seconds by integrating new template types that cover most use cases.
  • Import existing records and insert them into the database program – from photos, PDF files, Excel documents, SQL databases and similar sources.
  • Use Access 2016 to both summarize short reports and create and manage large databases essential to everyday operations.
  • Customize Web Access Apps in Microsoft Access 2016.


Download now!

If you need to collaborate with your colleagues, Access 2016 makes it easy to create powerful Web Access apps: Complete database structures and all the forms you need to add or edit data are built into these apps in Microsoft Access 2016, as well as the editing commands familiar from desktop software. These apps, which can be run over the Internet, work in any browser – even if Access 2016 is not installed on the device of the recipient of the database app.

Microsoft Access 2016 implements this by connecting to Office 365 and/or SharePoint, from where you can collaborate with your colleagues on this database program. By offering you the same interface as other applications from the Office 2016 series, Access 2016 will let you create new databases within minutes. Want to add existing databases to Microsoft Access 2016? The database program allows importing from Excel documents or SQL databases for just this purpose.

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