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Performance meets Comfort! Windows 11 Pro sets new standards for users around the world. Ahead of all trends, Microsoft launches an operating system that clearly leaves the competition behind. The best part? With your download you already have complete access to it today.


Your Windows 11 license from keyportal:

  • NEW in our store from October 5th
  • Official full version from Microsoft
  • Pay once, use without limitation
  • Instant download including installation guide
  • Valid for 1 device and 1 account


Future-proof and trend-setting

Windows 11 Pro is convincing all along the line – and especially in direct comparison with its predecessor. The development team was able to iron out various weak points and continue to rely on old strengths. These efforts become clear when you look at the extended features, which clearly set you apart from Windows 10 as a user:

  1. The first-class design combines efficiency with a pleasant look. Conveniently, the taskbar including the Start menu will be centered in the future.
  2. Microsoft Teams will be an important partner (as in Office 2021) that supports you in communication and everyday tasks.
  3. Does your PC need to be ready for the latest computer games? With the download of Windows 11 Pro, your system becomes a console. Xbox sends its regards.
  4. The annoying choice between 32-bit and 64-bit is now completely eliminated. Support for the outdated architecture has finally been discontinued by the official side.
  5. An Android app, which could previously only be used on modern smartphones, gains more scope with the Windows 11 release. Simply go to the Microsoft Store and download it.
  6. Simultaneous working reaches its peak. Snap Assist creates groups that exactly match your imagination, bringing every single element to the forefront.
  7. Advanced algorithms enable the use of numerous widgets that complement the core Windows 11 Pro experience. Design freedom remains essential.
  8. A multitude of other functions rounds off the scope.

These are joined by additional attributes that increase the contrast to Windows 11 Home:


Your advantages with Windows 11 Pro

Companies beware! If you buy Windows 11 Pro, you unlock everything that Microsoft’s experts have to offer. The security of your own data is especially emphasized. You can create sub-accounts and manage them separately, which allows you to define specific application areas. Individual identities are thus protected from targeted attacks. In combination with the appropriate group policy, your antivirus can therefore breathe a sigh of relief. Everything relevant is stored on secured Windows servers.

Meanwhile, the deployment of Windows 11 Pro is extremely dynamic. Complete the download, follow the wizards and you’re done. Even a remote-controlled installation is conceivable, which the control center takes over in a relaxed manner. In general, mobile devices are increasingly coming into focus. Cloud-based management is at the cutting edge of technology. Not to mention the popular device encryption via BitLocker. Again and again, recognized specialists emphasize that the precision of the underlying procedure is unrivaled. Even if the device is lost, third parties cannot access it without the necessary identification.

In this respect, the low surcharge is more than justified in our opinion. The purchase of Windows 11 Pro is worthwhile.


Windows 11 requirements:

Your upgrade to Windows 11 Pro should go off without a hitch if the predecessor is already running on your PC. More specifically, at least Windows 10 version 2004 released in May 2020, in which case you can simply run the Microsoft authorized compatibility check.

Otherwise, the following requirements apply specifically for Windows 11:

  • Processor: 1 GHz Dual Core or better
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM recommended
  • Hard disk: 64 GB of available storage space as an absolute minimum
  • Screen: in diagonal at least 8 inches plus supported resolution of 720p
  • Graphics card: DirectX 12 compatible (including WDDM 2.0)
  • Other: Internet connection for Windows 11 download and subsequent activation

However, the requirements for some Windows 11 apps go beyond these minimum requirements. For example, adequate use of Cortana requires a microphone and touch input also requires appropriate hardware with multitouch.


Would you like some assistance with setup?

Any questions? Our support is here for you. Just take a look at the appropriate setup support, which will guide you step by step to the goal. Exclusively for our customers, we also offer a qualified installation service. A specially trained employee will take care of your problem so that all Windows 11 content will work as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your purchase! We wish you good luck with Microsoft Windows 11 Pro.

Installation & activation

Mit unserer Schritt-für-Schritt Anleitung gelingt die Installation deiner neuen Software schnell und reibungslos.

Wenn du noch keinen Lizenzschlüssel besitzt, kannst du diesen hier kaufen: zum Produkt.

1. Der Computer muss über ein bootfähiges Medium gestartet werden. Brenne dafür die von uns gelieferte ISO-Datei auf eine CD/DVD oder erstelle einen bootfähigen USB-Stick. Dies ist Voraussetzung für die Installation des Betriebssystems Windows 10! Wie das genau funktioniert, kannst du hier nachlesen.

2. Ändere die Boot-Reihenfolge beim Hochfahren deines Rechners im BIOS, damit das System von dem erstellten Bootmedium aus starten kann. Das BIOS erreichst du durch das Klicken einer der folgenden Tasten während des Starts des Rechners: Entfernen, F2, F12, F1, F8 oder F10. Wähle anschliessend im Boot den Bereich „Secure Boot“. Sorge dafür, dass das Medium an primärer Stelle steht, indem du dort „Boot Priority“ auswählst. Speichere die Änderungen und starte deinen Computer im Anschluss neu.

ACHTUNG: Nimm keine anderen Änderungen am BIOS vor. Das kann dein System schädigen!

3. Nun kannst du mit der Installation beginnen. Akzeptiere die Installationsbedingungen. Wähle die Option „Installationsmedien für einen anderen PC erstellen“. Anschliessend kann Installationssprache, Tastatur und Uhrzeit ausgewählt werden.

4. Klicke auf „Jetzt installieren“.

5. Gebe nun den von uns bereitgestellten Lizenzschlüssel ein. Du kannst die Installation auch vorerst ohne Lizenzschlüssel fortsetzen und die Aktivierung später noch nachholen.

6. Wähle nun die Installationsart „Benutzerdefiniert: nur Windows installieren“. So wird das Betriebssystem neu installiert.

7. Es werden dir nun zwei Optionen angezeigt: Windows Updaten oder CleanInstall. Wähle den CleanInstall, indem du auf „Benutzerdefiniert“ klickst. Wähle nun die Festplatte aus, auf welcher das Betriebssystem installiert werden soll. Falls bereits ein Betriebssystem aufgespielt sein sollte, lösche dieses und klicke auf „Weiter“.

8. Nun hast du die Festplatte ausgewählt, auf welcher das Betriebssystem installiert werden soll. Die eigentliche Installation beginnt nun. Du musst nun ein Benutzerprofil inkl. einem Kennwort eingeben. Mit diesem kannst du dich nun auf deinem neuen Betriebssystem anmelden.

9. Folge den Anweisungen und schliesse den Einrichtungsvorgang ab. Nun kann das neue Windows 11 genutzt werden.

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