how to change the language on Word and in Excel

How to Change the Language on Word and in Excel – It’s that easy!

How to change the language on Word? Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel have had different languages integrated by default at least since the release of Office 2016. Generally, during the installation, the programs recognize the vocabulary stored in your operating system and automatically decide between German or English, for example. So if you want to learn how to change the language in Excel, you have two options: adjusting the editing language or the display language.

The editing language concerns the text that you type in yourself. This is where the spell checker comes into play, as it tends to recognize the wrong language. The display language, on the other hand, refers to all the menu labels, buttons or help messages. Every time you type text for a XLSX file or a DOCX document, Windows loads the corresponding language setting automatically.

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So, now you wonder how to change the language on Word? Don’t worry. All of this can be easily customized, even after the final setup.

How to Change the Language on Word?

Customize the Displayed Language Setting

If you want to know hot to change the language on Word, you must first open the program. Then you proceed as follows:

  1. In the upper left corner of the menu tab, you click on File.
  2. Again on the left you will find the item Options. A new window opens in Word.
  3. Now we are interested in the tab Language and especially the Office Display Language.
  4. By clicking on one of the listed languages and confirming with OK, the program changes the language setting.
Here is how to change the language on Word

In our screenshot for example, you only have German to choose from. You are looking for English? No problem. Just click on Install more display languages from For this, you need a working internet or WiFi connection. After a short download, the language setting can be set as preferred. It’s quite similar if you are looking for a way on how to change the language in Excel.

Change Language Setting when Editing Text on Word

If you write a report in a different language or jump back and forth between paragraphs, Word’s spell checker can really get on your nerves. Therefore there is a very simple trick for you to learn how to change the language on Word:

  1. Highlight the relevant passage in your document.
  2. Switch to the Check menu.
  3. There you will find the item Language, where you can click on Set Language for Proofing Aids.
  4. A list with numerous languages will open, from which you confirm the correct one with OK.
The correction help accesses the dictionaries of the respective language setting

You can also specify here whether the language should be detected automatically in the future. If you change the language setting permanently, you can set it as default. You may need to have access to the internet if the selected language is not yet installed.

How to Change the Language in Excel?

You can also do the same in Microsoft Excel, for both Office 2016 and Office 2019. Therefore at this point, we’ll give you only the quick run-through on how to change the language in Excel:

You can change the display language in Excel via the options, which you can find by clicking on File. The language settings in the current versions look exactly the same as in Word.

Only the scope of the spell checker is somewhat reduced for tables. In the Check tab, under Language, there is only the option to Translate. You can check the correct spelling and grammar by clicking on the leftmost button: Spelling.

Here is how to change the language in Excel

If there are expressions that the software thinks are misspelled, you can correct them now. Alternatively, you can simply change the dictionary language under the suggestions if the error is in the recognition.

These are the options you have in Office 2019 Standard to adjust the language setting in Excel or Word. If you are still using Office 365, the steps should look almost the same. Because the difference between Office 365 and Office 2019 concerns more advanced functions.

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