Microsoft Office Professional

Buy Microsoft Office Professional 2021 – The full program!

Microsoft Office Professional 2021 is one of the most popular office software packages and is suitable for both home and commercial use. Due to its extensive features, we recommend the suite especially to still growing small businesses or ambitious individuals. Buy Office Professional now and access all content immediately!

All product information at a glance

The comprehensive package includes updated versions of the following applications:

  • Microsoft Excel 2021: The helpful as well as user-friendly tool with numerous spreadsheet features. With Excel, you can easily calculate and analyze large amounts of data or display them in meaningful diagrams.
  • Microsoft Word 2021: Word has always been a very versatile word processor. The application offers you format templates for every occasion, an always up-to-date spell checker, as well as mechanisms specific to Office Professional to further automate your workflow.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2021: With the help of PowerPoint you can easily create even complex presentations for business meetings. You can easily make additions via video or audio commentary – self-explanatory, thanks to the intuitively designed user interface. Design your presentation just the way you want.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2021: If you make the switch to Outlook, you’ll never want to go back. No other software simplifies internal and external communication so much, including the organization of all e-mails, appointments and contacts. Buying Office Professional is worth it for that alone.
  • Microsoft Publisher 2021: A wide variety of designs make publishing easier in every conceivable way. In addition, the latest version of the editor comes with some help that is especially aimed at newcomers.
  • Microsoft Access 2021: Access specializes in the management of databases. The program is explicitly aimed at the end user with its appealing interface and is exclusively available as part of Microsoft Office Professional 2021.
  • Microsoft OneNote 2021: Quickly and easily record your thoughts or comments when needed. You have the choice between classic text, handwriting or voice messages, which can be supplemented with additional media.


Buy MS Office Professional online and get started

When you buy, you receive a license key for Microsoft Office Professional 2021. The entire package can be downloaded and activated immediately. Over 10,000 satisfied customers can confirm that the download is not only inexpensive, but also guaranteed to be legal. Basically, with the installation you secure the German-language full version per perpetual license for one PC. Activation must take place within Europe.

You want to buy Microsoft Office Professional? Good decision. The suite facilitates electronic networking with friends and family. In addition, you can playfully promote your own productivity and creativity or even increase them. With MS Office Professional 2021 on your PC, you’ll never lose track of your professional and personal projects again.


System requirements and prerequisites

The Microsoft Office Professional 2021 offered here is only suitable for the operating systems Windows 10 and Windows 11. It cannot be used under ChromeOS or macOS. You can find alternatives at the appropriate place in our store.

To activate your license permanently, you need access to a Microsoft account and a stable internet connection. After downloading the package you can use it without any restrictions and there are no additional costs.

Your RAM should be at least 4 GB RAM (64-bit) or 2 GB RAM (32-bit). The display needs a minimum resolution of 1024×768 pixels. A DirectX 10 graphics card is also required.


How do our prices come about?

Our package price includes the one-time download of a permanent license in German language for one PC. It is an instant download for the comprehensive Microsoft Office Professional 2021 with all the associated usage options. Included in the price is free support in case of problems. We can also recommend you our extended installation service.

We thank you for your confidence in buying Office Professional from keyportal and wish you much success in using it!