Microsoft OneNote 2021

Download Microsoft OneNote 2021

At the latest with the release of Office 2021, the new Microsoft OneNote will be made available to all interested users for free. The software offers a wide range of functions so that you can easily save the most important information for all your projects or meetings. A virtual notepad, so to speak, that you can constantly expand after the OneNote 2021 download. Each entry is automatically saved and can be edited or sorted afterwards.

In contrast to Word 2021, Microsoft OneNote focuses on comprehensive collections whose contents are visually processed and can thus be found in seconds. Especially those who juggle many different projects at the same time will soon no longer want to do so without the program. OneNote 2021 brings a whole new order to your documents. Since the basic version of the software is freely available via the Windows Store, the features are inspiring more and more people all over the world.

Overview of the contents

Depending on the intended use, Microsoft OneNote basically creates a separate notebook for each of your projects. In these collections you can store unlimited text notes like photos or even video and audio recordings. Each of these entries is assigned to a specific project and can thus be conveniently retrieved later. To add more content to OneNote 2021, you can use a device of your choice – be it your laptop, your tablet, or your phone, whatever is most convenient for you. Your notes can also be moved between platforms, making it easy to connect with other Windows users.

So if you want to share Microsoft OneNote 2021 with others, you can expect an unrestricted flow of information with seamless synchronization. Each team member is allowed to contribute at the same time. External communication via tools like Outlook 2021 is no longer necessary. In addition, individual notebooks can be divided into meaningful sections, which you can subsequently move or copy without restriction. With the current version of Microsoft OneNote, you can even distribute these sub-elements to different devices. The program automatically remembers where you left off. All entries are visible at a glance and handwritten notes are a relic of the past!

Buy Microsoft OneNote 2021 online and organize all your notes!

With us you can easily buy your Microsoft Office Suite with OneNote 2021 online and the download will start immediately. No special knowledge is needed for the installation, everything works by itself. If you have any questions during the first steps, you can always rely on our setup support or contact us directly. We have solved every problem so far!

The language in which Microsoft OneNote is available to you can be determined at the time of purchase. Generally you have the choice between English, French, Italian and German for the installation. As payment options we offer, among others, by invoice, PayPal, credit card or instant bank transfer. Since we avoid the unnecessary postal service, you don’t even have to wait for a stick or DVD. As with the current operating systems, everything works as a download.

Successful installation? Get started right away!

Once your OneNote 2021 download is complete, you can start organizing all your notes and creating notebooks for each project without further delay. As with its predecessor Microsoft Office 2019, the program is extremely well laid out and has an internal logic that doesn’t require any training time. The feature to share any information with others via mouse click makes it doubly interesting to use. Teamwork can be taken to a whole new level with Microsoft OneNote 2021!

Your OneNote 2021 download is already included in Microsoft Office Standard and all the packages we offer. Of course, you can also use the software separately. However, the total price is worth it if you plan to use other Office programs anyway. We have the complete solution from one source! Get it now and start using the new Microsoft OneNote 2021 today. Our other customers love it.