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Microsoft Word Dictation: How to use Dictate in Word 2019 and Office 365

Typing out a text on the computer can quickly become tedious, depending on the length of the document. In addition, the fingers often do not keep up with one’s thoughts, causing ideas to get lost. To counteract this problem, the Microsoft Word dictation function was created. Today, how to use dictate in Word has become as easy as counting characters and words. In Office 365, voice input is built in out of the box, and in Word 2019, you can easily access Microsoft Dictate:

How to use Dictate in Word 2019 and Office 365 NOW!

In earlier versions of Word, the scope of the software did not yet include dictation. That’s why a small team got busy developing an add-in called Microsoft Word Dictate, an extension for your software that enabled voice input after installation. Eventually, nearly 30 languages from around the world learned how to use dictate in Word with the add-in. In fact, it became so popular that Microsoft immediately integrated the interface into Office 365 Business Standard upon release.

Voice input in use with Word 2019

It’s easy: Enable Microsoft Word Dictation

In the latest version of Word 365, you neither need external programs nor do you have to download additional content. Dictation in Microsoft Word is already waiting for you after the initial setup. You are still unsure what exactly the differences between Office 365 and 2019 are, apart from knowing how to use dictate in Word? The linked article will help you. Otherwise, you can use the new function as follows:

  1. Open the program as usual and switch to the Start tab if it doesn’t open automatically.
  2. Next to the usual Word styles, you’ll find the Dictate command above the language tab on the right side of the menu.
  3. One click is enough to start the speech input. You can tell if the activation was successful by the red dot next to the icon.
  4. Now speak slowly and clearly into your microphone. After a short delay, the algorithm converts what you say into writing.

If you encounter difficulties while using Word, please consult our detailed installation guide, which removes many error sources immediately in the first step.

Work better thanks to Microsoft Word dictation
Source: Csaba Nagy from Pixabay

Dictate in Word: The right Microphone makes all the Difference

In order for you to dictate in Microsoft Word, you need a device that can receive your audio signals. An inexpensive USB microphone, such as the one included in a standard webcam, is perfectly adequate in most cases. For everyday use, however, a solid desktop microphone or professional headset is recommended. When dictating in Word, investing in a high-quality brand can improve the end result enormously.

It is also worthwhile to adjust the calibration of the microphone. Windows 10 offers several settings for this, which you can access under Time and Language: Speech Recognition. Just follow the given steps to set them up. All changes affect the universal dictation function of your operating system, which is accessed via the Windows logo key + H shortcut. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to know how to use dictate in Word 2019.

How to use dictate in Word to the fullest extent

The best Voice Commands of Microsoft Word Dictation

Microsoft Word Dictation is all about efficiency. A dictated text is also given more structure when certain code words are used that are indispensable in normal sentence structure. For example, this list for Word 2019 and Office 365 includes:

  • Comma
  • Period / End of Sentence
  • Exclamation Mark / Call Sign
  • Question Mark
  • Colon
  • Semicolon
  • Start Quote / Opening Quote
  • End Quote / Closing Quote
  • New Line / Line Break

If you use Microsoft Word 2019 with the English language setting, many advanced commands are available to you when dictating to get text on the page. The voice input of Microsoft Word Dictation even recognizes multiple smileys. The complete list of punctuation marks, symbols, and phrases is comparable to the possibilities of the dictation function of Word 365.

Which variant you finally choose is up to you. Depending on how you use it, you only need to select the correct language in the Dictate menu in Word, such as German (Deutschland). All Office 365 or Word 2019 versions from Office 2019 Home & Student to Professional Plus provide this. In addition, all updates are included in the linked one-time licenses. You get the full functionality of Microsoft Word 2019 at a low price and finally learn how to use dictate in Word!