Microsoft Office Home & Business

Your Microsoft Office Home and Business download

Have you been looking for just the right software solution for your home and office? Microsoft Office Home and Business covers your needs completely. Immediately after downloading, bestsellers like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook are at your full disposal. Thanks to Office Home & Business, commercial or private text and data processing is no longer a problem!

For almost all use cases, we can only recommend a license for the current MS Office Home and Business 2021. By purchasing through our store, you secure access to the Microsoft Suite with a one-time payment. Just take the file format DOCX as an example: adaptable, widely used and also available across systems. An excellent choice.

New features thanks to Office Home and Business 2021

All applications of the current version shine in the revised design of Windows 11 and also contain some new options. However, the familiar menu structure and the simple, clearly understandable look of the user interface remain the same for long-time users of Microsoft Office Home and Business. In addition, Excel has numerous new array functions and Outlook now translates texts into more than 70 different languages. In addition, various foreign file formats such as ODF (from version 1.3) can now be easily opened and edited in Office Home & Business 2021.

This means that cumbersome conversion with the help of third-party software is finally a thing of the past with the release of Office 2021. It is also worth noting that the Office package currently includes enhanced PDF management. At last, users can create fillable PDF documents within the in-house programs of Microsoft Office Home and Business, edit them for free or digitally sign everything. The developers are thus clearly focusing on a comprehensive all-in-one solution that makes external offerings superfluous.

The future for your home

Office Home and Business integrates Microsoft’s cloud services, making it much easier to work across devices. The popular cloud storage service Dropbox, for example, is now also included in Microsoft Office Home & Business 2021. This not only enables the automatic synchronization of files and documents to be edited between various end devices in real time, but also makes working in teams much more convenient. But that’s not all!

Microsoft Office Home and Business expands its offer with the so-called MobiDrive cloud, which permanently includes 5 gigabytes of free, integrated storage for all users. The package deal we offer naturally also has the in-house brand OneDrive. Together with the new co-authoring feature, you can easily edit texts, spreadsheets and presentations with others. This is one of the biggest differences between Office 2019 and 2021.

Buy MS Office Home & Business online and enjoy all the benefits

Software is becoming purely digital. Get access to Microsoft’s Office apps today without any data media or installation DVD and benefit from an instant download. With us, there’s no annoying waiting through old-fashioned product shipping by mail. After payment in our online store, you will automatically receive the link to initiate the Office Home and Business download.

The corresponding activation code is part of this mail. With it, you can easily identify yourself as the proper owner of a legal software license at any time. Since the opening of our store, more than 10,000 satisfied customers have already gained access to packages such as Microsoft Office Home & Business. If, in rare cases, technical difficulties arise during activation, our customer service is there to help and advise you. This service is reflected in our ratings.

System requirements of the latest version

  • Suitable for Windows 10, Windows 11 and macOS
  • Includes the official Microsoft programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook
  • Free 5 GB cloud storage immediately with purchase
  • Private and business use possible
  • Unlimited time full version for 1 device per license
  • 60 days free Microsoft customer service included

How do our prices come about?

Our prices depend on the one hand on the manufacturer’s recommended retail price. Furthermore, different cost structures apply to the private and commercial use of Microsoft software such as Office Home & Business, which is reflected in the final price of our digital products. It is possible for us to offer volume discounts for the commercial use of the software if an appropriate order is placed. We also offer our business customers significant discounts on the purchase of Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021.