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Looking for a license for the latest Office Professional Plus? We’ve got you covered! With us you can find all the popular products of the “Microsoft Office Professional Plus” series as an instant download. You can buy your key online right here and download the software just a few minutes later. We promise you that. You can legally buy Microsoft Office Professional Plus and use the full version endlessly without any further payments. More than 10,000 satisfied customers already use programs from our store. Just take a look at our reviews and decide for yourself! Your MS Office Professional Plus download is waiting for you.

Features of the new Office Professional Plus

Brand new on the market, Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021 impresses with extensive features. The software package was designed especially for industry and commerce, but also for the office or home office. In general, it is worthwhile for private as well as commercial users to think about buying an Office Professional Plus key. Of course, parts of the suite can also be purchased in other combinations or with different licenses. All content offered here is available as a direct download without the aid of physical data media.

Extensive Microsoft upgrades for all Office software packages have been in circulation since the fall of 2021. If you buy a current Office Professional Plus Key now, you will secure access to the following programs:

Access also remains part of Microsoft Office Professional Plus. Unlike its predecessor, the 2021 version does not come with Skype for Business. Skype for Business has made way for Microsoft Teams.

Start your MS Office Professional Plus download

If you want to buy Microsoft Office Professional Plus, you can now choose the 2021 version. This is accompanied by several updates. For example, the predecessor Office Professional Plus 2019 was still available in the form of Open Licenses. However, the Open License Program has been abolished, which is why the new Office Professional Plus 2021 is available as a CSP purchase license as well as in Enterprise Volume License Programs (EA, MPSA) and in the so-called Open Value Volume License Program. Don’t worry, you don’t need any special insight into these backgrounds, we will automatically offer you the appropriate version.

In addition to these classic purchase licenses, you can also find an inexpensive subscription with us. The popular Microsoft 365 Business Standard is an interesting alternative to the purchase of an Office Professional Plus Key, especially for public authorities, schools and large commercial enterprises. This is because the contents of Microsoft 365 receive relevant updates at regular intervals. Whether this surcharge is worth it depends on the planned use. For the sake of simplicity, we have prepared a practical comparison with Office 2019, which provides you with some initial clues.

Having a hard time deciding between Office 2019 vs 2021? Follow the link and learn all about the most important differences.

But no matter which Microsoft Office Professional Plus download you ultimately choose, our licenses are always available at the best price – activation guarantee included. Our service staff will be happy to assist you in case of an emergency, so that you can use every program to its full extent. We appreciate the range of new features as well. With Office Professional Plus 2021, for example, Word’s dictation function has become a standard feature and is being expanded by various additional tools. Outlook is no longer just for opening mails, but can open completely new doors for communication or planning.

Overview of system requirements

The installation of Microsoft Office Professional Plus is possible directly after the download, if you have the appropriate key. For our team this remains a special concern, so that every customer has a working product. This is because the Office packages partly contain essential programs such as Excel, Word or PowerPoint, without which the daily work routine or the completion of private projects would be permanently disrupted. In addition, Outlook has become indispensable on the computers of many Windows users. If you also use Publisher, you can create print-ready publications with a single click, or edit extensive databases using Access.

Office Professional Plus therefore requires a certain amount of computing power, which places certain demands on your hardware:

  • The current version can be used with Windows Server 2019 and Windows 10 as well as Windows 11. Windows 7 is not compatible with Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021.
  • To be able to use the entire software program, you should have a system with at least 4 GB of RAM (64-bit) or 2 GB of RAM (32-bit).
  • The device should also have a processor with at least 6 GHz and two computer cores or more.
  • The minimum requirements also apply to your monitor, whose resolution must support 1280 x 768 pixels.

Your Office Professional Plus Key comes with support!

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021 is comparable to Microsoft 365 Single from the end of 2021. The features are extensive and support is provided for five years. Office versions used to come with seven years of support until mainstream support was recently reduced to five years. The scope of Office Professional Plus now includes OneNote and Microsoft Teams for this purpose.

How do our prices come about?

The prices of digital software items vary widely. Due to the direct Microsoft Office Professional Plus download, we can completely dispense with any shipping costs and at the same time have no logistics or storage costs that would be included in the product prices. Our online store is fully automated and therefore offers significant cost advantages compared to local stores where Office Professional Plus can only be purchased with difficulty. With us, all licenses are sold in large volumes and offered at low prices due to the high number of units, including practical bundles. We are happy to pass on the price advantage of our Microsoft Office Professional Plus Keys and hope you enjoy shopping with us!