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Ready for new challenges with Microsoft Office Home and Student!

Going to university has always been accompanied by drastic changes in the lives of young adults. A lot of the work that parents or other relatives used to do for you is now your own responsibility. Fortunately, nowadays technical tools like Microsoft Office Home and Student 2021 are easily available for download. Instead of simple schoolwork, you can use the software to solve complex tasks or make plans for the future. Forget old vocabulary books!

Suddenly, term papers are the order of the day. Most lecturers attach great importance to required formatting, expect scientific citations and interactive tables of contents. The tried-and-true text processing program Word is almost mandatory for this and, conveniently, has always been part of Office Home and Student. From a simple interface for writing to automated functions, Microsoft has the right solution for every purpose.

At the same time, just about all courses of study also require the preparation of subject-specific presentations. That’s why PowerPoint has been an integral part of the package since Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019, and is still developed accordingly with every update. Your studies are more technical in nature? Do you have to process large amounts of data or specific measured values on a daily basis? This is where Excel can prove to be exceedingly helpful. See for yourself!

Software for every situation

After your Office Home and Student download, you’ll be ready for any task. Whether it’s overviews for studying or new ways of communicating, the developers at Microsoft have thought of everything. With Outlook, you can answer all your mails in one fell swoop and link important events directly to the integrated calendar, so you’ll never miss a deadline again and still keep your PC organized.

The virtual notepad OneNote is also perfect for this. Collect all your documents in one place, edit texts and images and enjoy the cross-platform synchronization. The Microsoft Office Home and Student software package is simply the perfect support for the sometimes extremely stressful student life. Because in addition to the many features, you always have the freedom to use the programs exactly as you see fit.

The contents of the new Office Home and Student 2021

Like almost all of its predecessors, Microsoft Office Home and Student 2021 includes the latest version of the following services:

With this, everything you need for successful studies is already there. Homework, essays or checking various readings will be a breeze.

Features, updates and more

At the same time, you don’t have to worry about the security of your data. Saving to the cloud is always possible with Microsoft Office Home and Student, and your license for the software will never expire, unlike a subscription to Office 365. Buying from us ensures you unlimited use of the programs without spending another penny. This includes regular security updates, of course.

Technical problems like an unlicensed product should really be a thing of the past. Recent adjustments and updates have already eliminated numerous error messages, so your Office Home and Student now runs even smoother. Thanks to the auto-save feature, you don’t have to worry about losing your data if your laptop suddenly goes out of power. Preparation remains the be-all and end-all when it comes to studying.

Buy MS Office Home & Student online now – Software for everywhere!

For a new pair of shoes or a warming winter coat, you try out a few pieces in-store to find something that fits. Your fridge is empty? Quickly grab your bag, head to the nearest supermarket and get it done. But why would you need a store for computer software? Thanks to detailed descriptions and professional tests, you know in advance exactly what you’re getting. The content itself is then made available to you by a quick Microsoft Office Home and Student download – immediately and without delay!

So save yourself unnecessary trips to the city center, the annoying wait at the checkout or the dependence on opening hours. Qualified online stores like keyportal offer you a tailor-made solution in the form of a software package at the best price. Thousands of customers have already been able to integrate offers for Office Home and Student 2019 or similar solutions into their everyday life with us. Just remember, the delivery time is really unbeatable. As soon as the payment is received, you will find your key already in your mailbox and the software can be downloaded. Often, only a few minutes pass from purchase to installation.

System requirements

The system requirements of the Microsoft Office Home and Student software package are relatively low, similar to those of your Windows operating system. Even with an inexpensive computer, you should be able to use all of the software’s features to their full extent. We recommend at least 4 GB RAM and again 4 GB free hard disk space. You also need at least a 1.6 dual-core processor and a DirectX 10 capable graphics card. If you bought your PC in the last few years or recently added missing parts, you should have no problems with these requirements.

Our special prices for your Office Home and Student download

Part of our corporate philosophy is complete transparency in pricing. That’s why we want to give you a short insight why you can buy Microsoft Office Home and Student at such a low price:

  • On the one hand, we purchase the licenses of the different programs in large numbers, so that we get a considerable quantity discount.
  • Furthermore, we only sell digital goods such as Office Home & Student or antivirus software. This means that our company does not incur any storage or logistics costs, which in other companies usually make up a considerable part of the price range.
  • Last but not least, we have developed an advanced online store that takes a large part of the effort out of our hands. The sale of licenses, for example, is completely automatic, which means fewer personnel costs.

We are happy to pass on all these price advantages to our customers. We wish you good luck with the contents of Microsoft Office Home and Student!